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 IBM 3270 and 5250 Terminal Emulation
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Quick3270 5.61
November 2022

version of the software

Micro Focus Reflection™ compatible RIBM object (Automation)

Quick3270 Secure.
Based on OpenSSL and Microsoft CryptoAPI, this version allows you to establish a secure connection between Quick3270 and a host computer


IBM 3270 and 5250 Terminal Emulator for Windows.

Quick3270 is a powerful, high reliable 3270 / 5250 terminal emulator for Windows that connects PCs to IBM's zSeries (S/390) and iSeries (AS/400).

Good integration with the Windows user interface and the easy to use of the software will save you money for training costs and help desk call.

Quick3270 is an OLE Automation Server. This feature allows you to automate, in an easy and standard way, the data exchange between your mainframe and your Windows application.

A lot of advanced features and the low pricing makes Quick3270 the 3270/5250 connectivity solution with the best performance/price relationship on the market.

Some features.
- IBM 3270 terminal emulation.
- IBM 5250 terminal emulation.
- TN3270, TN5250 and Microsoft Host Integration Server (EIS/FMI 3270) connectivity.
- IPv4 and IPv6 support.
- TLS/SSL encryption protocols (Quick3270 Secure).
- IND$FILE file transfer.
- FTP file transfer.
- Standard and Enhanced EHLLAPI (32-bit) programming interface.
- WinHLLAPI (32-bit) programming interface.
- COM Interface.
- Macro language with COM support (Automation).
- Full customizable keyboard layout.
- Hotspots / GUI on-the-fly option.
- GDDM - Graphic Terminal Emulation (
3179G, 3192G,..).
- Compatible with Citrix XenApp and Windows Terminal Server.

- English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese user interfaces.

See the feature page for more details.

Site license and the complete C/C++ source code are available.

Quick3270 Portuguese (Brazil) available from: Princeton Systems Computacão Ltda.


Migration facilities

IBM Personal Communications
Quick3270 can
- run macros recorded with IBM Personal Communications.
import IBM Personal Communications keyboard mapping files (.kmp).
- import IBM Personal Communications send/receive list files (.srl).
- Read
IBM Personal Communications color settings
Quick3270 includes configuration file templates to use similar default settings as
IBM Personal Communications.
Quick3270 provides an autECLSession compatible object (Automation).

Attachmate EXTRA!
Quick3270 can
- run macros recorded with Attachmate EXTRA!
- use Custom Translation Table files (.ctt)
Quick3270 includes configuration file templates to use similar default settings as Attachmate EXTRA!
Quick3270 provides an System compatible object (Automation).

Micro Focus RUMBA
Quick3270 can
- run macros recorded with RUMBA

Micro Focus Reflection
Quick3270 provides a RIBM compatible object (Automation).

Supported Operating Systems
Client Platforms:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11

Server Platforms:

Windows Server 2008
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2016
Citrix XenApp™

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